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Alternative Energy Material Purification

Lithium-ion battery's Material purification technology


Cobalt, the most expensive metal used in batteries, is mainly produced as a by-product of copper and nickel mining, with a cost of approximately US$33,000 to US$35,000 per ton. At this stage, after the lithium battery is discarded, the treatment plant will sequentially carry out the steps of discharging, dismantling, and component separation. The cost of cobalt purification is very high regardless of whether it is going through Pyrometallurgy or Hydrometallurgy, In addition, most of the cobalt is contaminated by mixed waste, and the purity is less than 17% after the process. It increases the price of cobalt-containing cathode materials and becomes a major obstacle for car manufacturers to reduce the production cost of electric vehicles, which is not conducive to competition with gasoline vehicles.

With the separation and purification technology of lithium and cobalt and the purification technology of cobalt in cathode materials introduced by us, the purity of cobalt can be purified from 17% to 99%, which has reached the manufacturing standard. The reuse value is also increased by eight times compared to other disposal treatments. Through our technology, the cobalt application value is enhanced, becomes cost-efficient, accelerates carbon emissions reduction, and implements the goal of the circular economy concurrently.

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